Padma Bridge Paragraph

Padma Bridge Paragraph - Padma Bridge is the longest bridge in Bangladesh. The Padma Bridge is currently the talk of Bangladesh
Padma Bridge is the longest bridge in Bangladesh. The Padma Bridge is currently the talk of Bangladesh. Here you will find Padma Bridge Paragraph for all class students. This Padma Bridge is a matter of pride in Bangladesh which is written in the pages of history.
Padma Bridge Paragraph

Since a lot has been written about this bridge, there is a possibility of reading a Paragraph test on this bridge. So our topic today is the Padma Bridge Paragraph.

Padma Bridge Paragraph

The Padma bridge is a multipurpose bridge across the river Padma in Bangladesh. It connects Mawa of Munshiganj with janjira of shariatpur, linking the southwest of the country to the northern and eastern regions.

It is a two-level truss bridge. It carries a four-lane highway on the upper level, a single freight rail track on the lower level with a high-pressure gas line and various communication facilities. The 6.15-kilometre-long and 18.18-metre-wide bridge has a total of 42 pillars.

41 steel spans have been placed on the pillars, and each of these pillars is 150 metres long. It is the longest river crossing in South Asia. The builder firm of the bridge is China Major Bridge Engineering Company LTD.

The construction of this bridge was a great challenge in the history of Bangladesh for various reasons. It has reduced the distance from the southwest region to the capital. Dhaka by more than 100 Kilometres. This will create a great opportunity to provide the people in the southwest region with improved access to markets and services throughout the country.

It is expected that this bridge will play a vital role in the social, economic and industrial development of the southwest region of the country.

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